Coffee Roastery, 2016

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"Undisturbed by tumult or disorder; calm or quiet"

Contact us

You can contact Julien / +33 6 98 01 38 39 for any informations ; or by mail at

While we are glad to discuss anything coffee related on the phone, please note that we only take orders on our mailbox. Thanks for your understanding!

Visit us

Our roastery is located in Vénissieux, 20 min away from Lyon. Visits are possible upon request since we are relatevely often training our customers here, or out on the field dealing with some servicing or deliveries.

How to get there :
- 30 mins by car or bicycle by going to 195 av. Francis de Pressensé Vénissieux
- 40 mins with TCL, our local transport services, from Bellecour metro A or from Vénissieux metro D, then by taking bus 35 / stop at Tâche Velin

We are easily found on Google Maps by searching Placid Roasters too.

Once there, our location is the number F15, please have a quick look to the plan at the entry.

Our Story

Placid Roasters was founded by us - Julien & Aurelien. We have been working in the specialty coffee market for a few years, always trying to provide something better and to refine our products more & more. We also want our business to be about sharing experiences and knowledge - it is not only about providing good coffee, but also about following-up with customers, teach, and help them evolve toward a better and more efficient understanding of their work.