XTS Series

XTS Series


The XTS models come with 3.0 liter airpots, but are also available with 3.8 liter or 4.0 liter dispensers upon request, providing flexibility for all kind of needs. Vacuum-lined pump lever airpots are built for flexible and portable usage.

User-friendly touchscreen interface display allows for quick and easy access to brew controls to quickly begin the brewing process for up to 4, or even 8 on the Twin XTS, separate coffee recipes and/or batch sizes. The Extractor® Touchscreen Operating System (ETOS) was engineered for quick and efficient navigation through set-up, programming, diagnostics and daily operational brewing modes. Extractor® technology allows you to precisely dial-in the profile of even the most complex coffee to unlock its full freshness, aroma and flavor.

Program each profiles separately to ensure perfectly balanced batch. Brew volume, brew time, pre-wet time, temperature... directly from the touchscreen.

The built-in hot water dispenser make this machine very versatile, unlocking a fast way to get water for handbrewing coffee or tea.